History of Hattiesburg Alumni

The Kappa men of Hattiesburg, Mississippi became organized in early 1960. The chapter was issued its charter on October 9, 1960. Members of the Jackson Alumni Chapter were joined by other Kappa men of Hattiesburg to form the Hattiesburg Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi, Fraternity Inc. The charter members are: Nathaniel R. Burger Sr., Clarence E. Roy Sr., Samuel Earl Wilson Jr., James A Cohen Rx, Charles H. Smith Sr. M.D., Samuel Earl Wilson III, Hollie D. Leggett Sr., Edward H Smith Rx, David Conner, Winfred Hudson Sr., Scott Jones Jr., Melvin Cooper Sr., Laplose Jackson, Howard Hudson and Eugene Jones.

The men of the Hattiesburg Alumni Chapter participate in service projects. Food donations are made to needy families of this area and financial help is given to students or groups who make requests for educational purposes. Members support the Piney Woods Country Life School and Kappa Kamp.

The men of the Hattiesburg Alumni Chapter take part in all organizational levels of the fraternity --- Mississippi State Caucus, Southwestern Province, and the Grand Chapter.

In 1974 the Hattiesburg Alumni Chapter initiated efforts to establish an undergraduate chapter on the campus of the University of Southern Mississippi.  In 1976, the first colony was established and in 1980 the Kappa Iota Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi was chartered on the campus of the University of Southern Mississippi .

The chapter has been led by the following polemarchs from 1960 to present:



1960 -1961

Samuel Earl Wilson, Jr.

1961 -1962

Scott Jones, Jr.

1962 -1964

Winfred Hudson, Sr.

1964 -1965

Nathaniel R. Burger, Sr.

1966 -1980

Roscoe S. Pickett

1980 -1999

Harper B. Wilson

1999 - 2003

Eugene Smith, Jr.

2003 - 2007

Eric K. Boney

2007 - Present

C. Jerome Brown

The Founders' Day Program is celebrated annually by acknowledging the achievements of African-American high school seniors from area schools in the areas of academics, arts and athletics.  The program has featured speakers such as: 26th Grand Polemarch Ulysses McBride, 29th Grand Polemarch Howard L. Tutman, Jr., 31st Grand Polemarch Dwayne M. Murray, Kappa Alpha Psi Executive Director Richard Snow; Kappa Alpha Psi General Counsel Cleo Thomas as well as many other notable Kappa men.

The Black & White Ball has been held annually since 1969 and is one of the biggest events in the Hattiesburg area.